WFD Solute Monitoring System

The Wetting Front Detector (WFD) records the depth of infiltration of irrigation water. The WFD is buried in the root zone. When the infiltrating water goes past the WFD, it captures a water sample and pops up a magnetically latched indicator.

The WFD stores this soil water sample for later analysis. The water sample is removed using a syringe. All dissolved salts are measured using a VIA Electrical Conductivity (EC) meter. Nitrate, which is the most difficult nutrient to manage in irrigation, is measured with colour strips.

WFDs are used as irrigation management tools, particularly to identify over-irrigation and water logging. However, their main use is for solute monitoring in conjunction with the VIA EC meter and nitrate test strips.

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Wetting Front Detector (pair)

A box containing two FullStop Wetting Front Detectors.
Sales to Australia only.

Contact us regarding supplying outside of Australia
$99.00 Australian dollar Ex GST

Chameleon EC meter

Simple Electrical Conductivity (EC) meter
$60.00 Australian dollar Ex GST

Nitrate test strips - 100 pack

Brand: Merckoquant Range: 0 to 500 mg/L
$110.00 Australian dollar Ex GST

Long Float (Set of 5) for Wetting Front Detector

Set of 5, 150mm floats
$10.00 Australian dollar Ex GST

Red End Cap for Wetting Front Detector

$10.00 Australian dollar Ex GST

Riser Pipe for Wetting Front Detector

Note: Each Wetting Front Detector requires two or three rise pipes depending on the buried depth
$10.00 Australian dollar Ex GST

Yellow End Cap for Wetting Front Detector

$10.00 Australian dollar Ex GST